During our travels, whether we were thousands of miles from home, or that we were in some typical Tuscan country, we have always been fascinated by trying the typical foods of the place where we were.

Food has always been the fundamental requirement of every population, it is a symbol of survival and expression of the culture of a country. If you want to understand and discover the characteristics that distinguish one place from another, you can not back away from trying the food that for years is eaten and passed for years by the local people.

Trying a typical dish is a sensorial experience. You often identify new tastes that, in your mind, will remain forever associated with that place. It’s like taking away a little souvenir, an indelible reminder of your journey.

Precisely because of this love in the diversity that distinguishes one area of the world from another, we decided to create a series of articles that will tell the typical dishes of the different places we are going to discover during our journey.

In a world where globalization is standardizing everything around us, we will try to give you small portions of diversity, hoping to pass the message that diversity is not always a reason for discrimination but a precious blessing to preserve.

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